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Update on le update :3
So, my computer got fixed!!

I'm dedicating this pieceo a friend of mine, - cos she does awesome arts and dragons, and I hope she comes back soon.
So yeah. I wish I could promise more art like this in the future, and I DO want to try, but starting varsity has been such a drain and a #stress on me that I end up feeling more unhappy than I feel comfortable letting on. :(
I really hope things do get better though...

#art #digitalart #fantasy #mythical #mystical #mythological #patreon #starvingartist #Dragon #wings #flower #nature #EndMySuffering
update on my life right now (read description)
So, I have good news, bad news, and a decision;
Good news; I have (Semi!) New laptop!!! - For those of you who know me, and/or are stalking me, I've been having laptop issues for quite a while now, and as a result haven't been able to really do much in the way of digital art. Now I have a few more options!
Bad news is, it doesn't run #Krita to the degree that I need. Like, it'll actually power up the programme without crashing on me fifty billion times, but it won't render any marks I make in realtime, meaning that I effectively can't draw.
What I HAVE discovered however, is that it DOES run #gimp! Another slightly inferior art programme with a vastly smaller/lower quality threshold, - but at least it actually draws. This #Dragon is an example of what I can do with the programme.
The decision is this; I make my art for my #followers, y'all are the driving force behind my motivation. So, would you rather me just keep working with a more #traditional medium until I receive something I can actually work with to a higher degree?
(& who even knows how long that'll take; will be starting college soon, so, assuming that I survive such a process, seems like I'll be extremely poor for the next few years)
Or, shall I just keep plugging away with gimp, perhaps improving, we'll just have to see?
Feel free to help a #starvingartist survive on #Patreon too! @

Aye karumba, life....
#art #fantasy #dilemma #problems #help
Because of you
An early happy St V's day to everyone I love!
A.k.a YOU!!
Warning; cringy/cheesey rant ahead;
I'm constantly being blown away by how people can just be so awesome & how I've had such an honor knowing you all!
I legit wouldn't be ANYwhere without the people in my life
And if you're reading this going "Oh that's nice" - well, just know that this includes you too!!
The people in my life have clothed me, fed me, put a roof over my head at times, tolerated me enough to be my friend, listened to me, and been my rock. How could I focus on one thing when there's so many of you that are so awesome!
The piece is a gratitude post of what I'm thankful for most in my life (Even though I've probably left something out!)
The biological heart is symbolic of the realness you guys have been there for me - You people are real friends, and I really appreciate that. <3
The key in the center is a nod to the ingress community I'm a part of, and all the doors it's opened + people I've gotten to meet, the native fern representative of #aotearoa the land that raised me, (actually looked into a bit of maori artwork and symbols online, and apparently a fern with other shoots coming out of it can mean family/whanau/people who play a key role in our lives)
With the leaf supporting the heart meaning nature, and my ties to it (I really like trees and nature lol)
The ghostly kitten floating underneath said leaf is all the cats I've been mates with, cuddled up to, or have bravely come up to me in the dark to see "who's this new friend I could make?"
Fantasy creatures on the right hand side is my artwork/art style, + my fascination with all things out of this realm :3
The swirls above the leaf represent my future, and how it's uncertain & unknown, and how anything could happen (so much already has, I'm not underestimating anything these days!) :P
And the cross of course means my faith, and how behind every thing else, for me there will always be God.
Hope this wasn't too overly cliched and cheesey for you!


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Hey there,
I just met you,
and yes I'm crazy,
but here’s my dA,
so friend me maybe!!

If you wish to support a starving artist, feel free to click here; you just may make my day! :D…

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So it turns out :iconnekoshit: nekoshit is doing a free tablet giveaway,   Giveaway-WIN a WACOM INTUOS TOUCH GRAPHICS TABLETCLOSED!
the winner has been announced! thank you all for taking part!

I've decided to do a giveaway for my tablet! I have no use for it now i've got a cintiq, so I though someone else would appreciate it more than I do ;7;

Post a journal or poll linking back to this journal and put the link in your comment.
2. Tagging other people into your comment will give you an extra ticket, 1 ticket per person. 10 extra tickets max.
3. You must be watching me to enter
1 .
The tablet is used but in great condition. The nib is a little worn down but it still works and is easily replaceable.
2. I will cover postage (Unless you are in a country such as Australia, in that case I may need some coverage due to excessive postage costs)
3. The tablet comes wit
And I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY am wanting free stuff; (Particularly this free stuff, as I'm a mouse drawer and have never had a tablet) so I'm really sorry but I'm tagging people too!
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And yeah while I've got you all here, and are being so horrifically cheap-skatey, you should all totes stalk me on Patreon; -… ~ I have hardly any idea on what I'm doing, and will probably (hopefully) figure it out as I go along, but idek where I should be going with my life and art right now, so YOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
~bai C:
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