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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
Why do people have to pretend to love you :(

You: Because we're lonely too
You: we're lonely and we're hurt
Stranger: because they want you to pretend that you love them too
You: and we cant' open up
You: we actually do care alot more than you ever realise, it's just ...we can't show it
You: so we appear heartless
Stranger: and we hope that if we pretend then someday it will be real
You: maybe if we keep searching, eventually we will find somebody who will just feel right
You: and we hurt so much inside, that we can't afford to be alone for any longer
Stranger: because we hate the thought we have when we're alone
Stranger: we cant handle the chaos in ourselves
You: can't eat. can't sleep. Can barely function
Stranger: so we hope that we can mask it by caring about others
You: and we keep having to pretend we're fine
You: caring for others helps fill the yawning chasm inside of us
You: maybe if we work hard enough, for enough people, we can wear ourselves out and never feel anything ever again...
You: maybe we can die and not wake up
Stranger: and then we hear stories of others happiness
Stranger: and become jealous of it
Stranger: we want to take part in it
You: we wonder why not us
You: did we not try hard enough?
Stranger: we want that story for ourselves
You: what is it we done wrong??
Stranger: then we try to find one person and pin all of our future happiness on them
Stranger: convinced that we wont be happy otherwise
You: but then we suffocate them
You: suffocate them with all our hopes and dreams and baggage
You: so then we learn not to open up. don't love, don't trust
You: that doesn't happen to people like you
Stranger: but because we dont love and trust, neither do the people around us
Stranger: we want to trust them, we want to love them
You: we want to open up, to reach out, so badly
You: but we can't!
Stranger: but we dont want to get hurt
You: and we can't break down those walls
You: no matter how hard we try
Stranger: walls you build so you dont have to be so vulnerable with them
You: they say you live and you learn
Stranger: walls we think will keep us safe
You: but no. we die more and more and more every day
Stranger: not realizing what it is we truly need
Stranger: what it was that could have saved us
You: and even so. Realising it and actually acheiving it are two very differnt things
You: it's just you. you on the outside of the world
Stranger: because we live in fear
You: and when that goes, nothing
You: why bother feeling when nothing ever changes?
You: pain doesn't hurt so much when it's all you ever feel
Stranger: pain is still pain though, and the thought of it terrifies you
You: there will always be aspects of it we can never shut out
Stranger: so we choose what kind of pain to we'd rather feel
You: some people might call that hope, but hope for us died out long ago
You: and then sometimes, when you finally ARE shown kindness, it hurts more than the rejection itself
You: your mind can't accept it. you think it's just a cruel game
You: you want to die.
You: and sadly, sometimes people do. never realising how close they really were. they could never see it
Stranger: but for those who dont, they build even higher and tougher walls
You: it's almost subhuman
Stranger: in those walls, they put windows
You: where does the hurt end, and the being begin?
Stranger: and then the being and the hurt become one
Stranger: there is no being without the hurt
You: we can't take it anymore
Stranger: it has become a part of them
You: but still we go on
Stranger: because we try to be hopeful
You: haven't we learned though?? No. we haven't
Stranger: if we did not hear those stories we would not want it
You: we just keep opening ourselves up to hurt
You: we are our own blessing, our own curse
Stranger: like a prisoner staring at the sky. had he not known of freedom before, he would not yearn it
You: and people wonder what's wrong with us...
Stranger: never realizing what's wrong with themselves
You: what's wrong with the world
You: we ARE the world
You: and most times, they haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg
Stranger: they have only gazed upon it from afar
You: so cold... so distant...
Stranger: assuming that it is the entire thing
You: thinking that they know how to help
You: Assume: ass/u+me
Stranger: thinking they understand our situation
Stranger: just because they've had a glimpse
You: Mortal fools! How little they know!
You: Never shall they know such pain and suffering that is ours!
Stranger: worse though are those who know that we are in pain
Stranger: and yet try to inflict more
You: Or are iindifferen t
Stranger: believing it will remove some of their own
Stranger: and then they try to justify their actions
You: but then, isn't that what we ourselves have become?
You: we pretend to love another, in the hope it will try and ease our pain
You: it's all we can do really
You: and so the cycle goes on
Stranger: and on.... and on....
You: until the whole world is hurt, and suffering, and wondering where is it we gone wrong
Stranger: and when they realize, where and how we went wrong
Stranger: how foolish we truly were
You: *If
Stranger: it will be too late
You: if the mortal fools ever rise above themselves
You: but there will always be more.
You: More hearts, more young minds. More untainted souls that will arise to join the heaving masses of the dying
You: And the whole world shall burn together in agony
Stranger: while knowing deep down that it was inevitable, we question
Stranger: why?
Stranger: why did this happen?
Stranger: why us?
Stranger: why me?
Stranger: why now?
You: Because we are mortal
You: we are fools
You: dying fools in a dying world
You: all suffering together
Stranger: trying to blindly find hope
Stranger: prolonging our agony
You: But yet, it continues to elude us'
Stranger: and we die, wondering, could something have been done
You: But no. It's the way of the world
Stranger: and whether we realize that or not, our thought are not carried onto others
Stranger: and they are fated to meet the same fate
You: and so the suffering continues
Stranger: doom and despair our only true companions
You: Head the ever-desending darkness!!
Stranger: until our agony perishes with us
You: with so much agony, it's no wonder that outer space is black
You: it's been turned that way by our dying souls
Stranger: even us our bodies die, and rot, our souls live on in suffering
Stranger: *as
You: Tiny sparks of what was once life
You: living under the pretense of what people call stars
Stranger: forever watching those that still live suffer the same pain we did
Stranger: the same, and yet so different
You: we watch and we cannot help
You: we cannot guide them on their way
Stranger: we can only watch
You: watch and mourn, as they suffer the same fate as we once did ourselves...
Stranger: (i think that's a good place to end it)
Stranger: (before it gets too cyclical)
You: We had fun though
You: such morbid, romantic, undying fun...
Stranger: yup
You: Lolz wanna hook-up now?
You: XD
Stranger: if we arrange it properly, we could sell this
Stranger: haha
Stranger: wait, girl or boy?
You: Still a better love story than twilight!!
You: I am so putting this on deviantart
Stranger: oh yea, most definitely.
Stranger: ooh awesome
You: Such a shame omegle only lets you meet up once
You: just once in our long lonely lifetimes!!!
Stranger: and we'll never know if we ever cross paths again
You: Such tradgedy!!
Stranger: since it "you and stranger"
You: such horrors, such heartbreak!!
Stranger: i know right
You: my heart doth breaketh forevermore </3
Stranger: such is our fate
You: oh wait, it's already broken
You: broken by the perils of our cruel cruel world!!
Stranger: until we can find something to make it seemingly whole again
You: but what shall we find??
You: I'd say each other, but we're already far too broken for that! D:
You: Oh the cruelties of our world!!
Technical error: Server was unreachable for too long and your connection was lost. Sorry. :( Omegle understands if you hate it now, but Omegle still loves you.
The cruelties of our world
I wanted to give them my name so they could find me, but alas! The server timed out! Never shall they know the outcomes of their effort!
(P.s. If you're reading this, the chasm of my ever-unending heartbreak remains undying. I am mourning both you, your loss, our plight, and the loss of the plight we had together in the lonely lonely world that we live in, in all of its morbidly romantic glory!!)
Dearest Jayden, I’m complain’n on your language
Your choice of words are quite atrocious and leave me anguished
Dearest Jayden please stop swearing, you don’t make sense and are quite wearying
On my patience, my forbearance, and lack of sanity

Harketh! This is the saga of Jayden Lowe, the guy I wrote about just a little while ago
He’s currently being stalked by a gorilla so dark, his chance of survival is now quite stark
(And he’s also being stalked by mini tutus)

Hither yon gorilla doth mightily creep
Being lead by his minions, THEY WATCH YOU ASLEEP
Who knows where Jayden’s at right now
Whether he’s alive, or dead, or even how
But this bears warning to all the other Jaydens out there!!

Cos I can :P
Turns out just recently :iconchinkyassassin: Chinkyassassin's been lurking around on my dA gallery; he found a previous piece of writing I'd writ, entitled Jayden and the gorilla of darkness, so now, just to be an egg, and cos I'm too tired to think up anything else to post on here, I'm cooking up this *ahem* Masterpeice, just to see how long it'll take before he mentions it :D

P.S. If any of y'all got any ideas/concepts/suggestions, hit me up! I'm open :P
Art Dump - Puppy! by Scr1b3
Art Dump - Puppy!
My friends got some puppies!!! 
Sorry you only just hear about this now, there are honestly so many photos on my camera card, and I'm just that lazy :P (Lick)



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Even when you can't see Him, GOD is there! Did you know that 98 of teenagers will not stand up for God, and 93 of the people that read this won’t repost it?
Jesus had no servants, yet they called him Master...
He had no degree, yet they called him Teacher...
He had no medicine, yet they called him Healer...
He had no army, yet kings feared him...
He won no military battles, yet he conquered the world...
He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him...
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