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Deerdance by Scr1b3
Created as a design for humanservantyume's new adopted Fawnling :)
(Redraw is here -> )
Tis the song of fertility
Every cat be in season!
Eyes glowing everywhere, kitties lurking for no good reason

Our neighbours queen has come to heat
her singledom screams therefore
drawing every tom from miles around to come
howling at OUR door

LOVE ME!!! But don't pick me up!!
Pat me this way NOW!!!

Never befoe have I been so offputted as to touch a cat
And when I leave, up start her banshee yowls


Fluffy sumo from over the fence
Comes sniffing around to see what's hence
A grey marshmellow, a cotton top,
so many different cats have lost the plot

LOVE ME!!! Come hither my sweet!!

Rustles and lurkings everywhere, make a noise and they all run scare
So many “Gentlekitties” looking for love
Any sudden movements and there's explosions of fluff


They start right up the moment you leave
I bury my head under the covers and greive
For peace and Quiet! For my lack of sleep! For sanity!!

Our neighbours Juliet, pining for all her many Romeos
When will this all end, I'm not sure anyone knows


The feline banshee screams and moans and HOWLS


Nothing screams “We have a plague!!”
Than armies and armies of the feral sex-crazed
Dearest Kitty to whom I used to adore
My spirit is broken, I'm pleading “No more!!”
Valentines day blues
Writ this quite a while ago actually, current procrastination streak's broken for long enough for me to actually find it and upload it
And ooo! Looky here! Singles awareness day coming up soon! What opportunity for a title!
[ Posting this under horror cos the entire ordeal was a nightmare in itself!]


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Hey there,
I just met you,
and yes I'm crazy,
but here’s my dA,
so friend me maybe!! :icongrin--plz:

If you wish to support a starving artist, feel free to click here; you just may make my day! :D…

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I dunno how many of y'all read my journals and stuff, but for the following with what I have to say, I feel like it has to be said here. 

Apparently youtube's been acting out of line. 
Anyone know any coders or anything? In one of latter of these videos I shared, one of the comments made was that Youtube gets away with alla this because there's no other rivaling companys out there where anyone else can go to. Lots of people are ending up more than a bit out of pocket from all this, which of course, means no more this

I reckon if the next Mark Zuckerberg or David Karp were to come along and create some sort of website that could share videos and basically act like a better and more professional youtube, they could really get somewhere on it. All the disgruntled customers/clients/everybody else who's sick and tired of all their shiz would migrate over, causing youtube to either up their game, or go bust.
Oh wait, youtube's technically in partnership with google isn't it....
...Mkay guys, let's just either put pressure on either facebook or tumblr to monetise the vids we're posting up, or build some sort of an online ultra-emporium from the ground up made out of everything we want
Youtube was kinda my excuse for partial laziness in a way. "LURL I'LL JUST POST UP MA VIDS AND IN TIME I'LL BE RICH!" (Not a very stable plan I admit, but it's at least SOME base which I can then build on in future!) 
Now with youtube not really looking as stable as it once was, Ima have to sift through what little remenants of brains I have left and see what else I could possibly come up with. 
Blogging? - a possibility, but what do I blog about?
Instagram? - Yeah, if you're hot enough and well-known enough, sometimes companies will pay you to upload pics with their products featured in them, but, how many other peeps are out there attempting to reach that status? And for how long will I potentially have to fame-whore myself about the place before I get noticed? Will I even EVER get noticed??
Youtube's good cos ya get your account verified, they stick ads on, and that's it. They pay you per view or click your ad gets. Instagram could be a potential possibility an all, but my business mind aint liking the amount of effort I'd have to put in with the possibility of no results.
Write a book? - Hmmmmmmmmmm. Well I DO have the beginnings a main concept and design all fleshed out, but DETAILS man! I've got about enough commitment to slap together a video every other week, and that's it. I've been meaning to start writing since last year, and the most I've got is halfway through my character designs. :/ 
...It's like I almost need a familiar or some sort of a manager or something who can tell me what to go, how things are gonna work out, and can keep me on track...
...But also wont require me paying the earth to them, or tryna sue me out for copyright or anything should the off-chance happen should I actually do get somewhere. 
(Elect me for president of the internet guys! I got some good ideas!)
I suppose I could do commissions, but EGH, I opened up that possibility ages ago, and no one seemed really that interested ;-;
(Plus, how much would I have to be charging to be able to get somewhere...? I dunno about math logic and all, but it sure seems alot...)
So, in closing I suppose you could say that I'm not really in the most positive of moods right now. My main scheme for all my plottings appears to be suffocating amongst the death-throes of failure, and most of the other possibilities out there dont really seem to hold much hope. Last plot it banding together and robbing some bank or something somewhere, but doesn't that usually always backfire in someway or another?...
...Mind you, I HAVE been hearing and reading about quite a few conspiracy theories of late. Stuff about some of the most major diseases and stuff being actually created by the goverment or whatever. Perhaps one day they might go too far and create some sort of zombie virus in which we could all rise and defend against..
.EGH #Piethoughts 
(Also if you never hear from me again after this, and/or see or notice anything else more than a wee bit suspicious, chances are the goverment have tracked me down and are onto me. (I'm surprised they haven't busted my case already lol. I can't be perceived as very much of a threat!)
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: The sultry sound of your heartbeat
  • Reading: your mind
  • Watching: you read this
  • Playing: Ingress (Team Resistance for the win!)
  • Eating: The heart-songs of all those who love me
  • Drinking: Frozen memories

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Well that song is even less known than the previous one, so it should hopefully be fine. And I'm coming back home in 5 days :D
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AHMAGAAAAAASH!!!!! KRYSTALS COMING HOME KRYSTALS COMMING HOME WOIP WOOP LOOK AT MW GO OUTTYPING ALLTEH LAGGE ON MY CELLPHONE!!!!! ima see if i can make me way up to auckland and stalk you :meow: (i actually potentially could come to think of it, theres an ingress meetyuppy thingy going down, but im pretty much broke atm and auckland wpuld be such a far place to walk ;-; we so need to skype again sometime!! And make it a group chat too, just for extra randomness :D
So wass plan stan?? Where to from here??
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No worries!
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